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Privacy Policy for Krushna Accounting

We are aware that you are concerned about the financial and personal details that you share with us. Here is our privacy policy that provides the basis on which the personal information that we collect from you is going to be processed further as per our commitment for your privacy.

Krushna Accounting is the proprietorship Accounting firm registered in india (legal and accounts) of the entire data and information that is gathered on this website. We never sell, transfer or share this data, except how it is set out for this statement. We can use your information for improving the marketing of the company, in administration and for providing better accountancy services.

In case needed, we might pass the information between our other offices. You can have a look at our offices as they are listed on the website and with time we keep updating the list as required. We might take the services of the third party for assisting us in some areas, like website hosting. And in such situations, the third party might receive the data. At all times Krushna Accounting will be in control and responsible for the use of your data and information

We have the right to change the content or the services that are present on this website without any prior notice, and we can also, therefore, change our privacy policy in the future as well. You are agreeing to re-visiting the page at regular times and your constant access to, use of this website. When you visit our website and use our service you are accepting of our practices and policies. In case you have any queries regarding our terms and conditions or policy you can get in touch with us.

Your data security:

Transfer of the information on the internet is usually not secure completely, and we do not guarantee your data security. Any of the information you transfer is at your own risk. We do have the technology and different security features for making sure that we are doing everything that we can for keeping the information secure when we receive it. We don’t share the information with other companies for research, marketing or any commercial use. Neither do we pass your details to other websites.

Data requests:

You can make a request at any time for asking for a copy of the data and information that we have about you. On your request, we will also be correcting any inaccuracy of your data.

Safety, security and disputes resolutions:

We use the information for protecting the safety and security of the services we provide to the clients. This is done to prevent or detect any kind of fraud, for resolving disputes and enforcing our agreements. For monitoring and training usage the incoming and outgoing calls are recorded that are done to our company or the support teams. These procedures help us in maintaining high service standards and resolve any kind of future issues that might arise.

Business process:

We make use of the data and also run the business operations for providing you with the services, user base profiling and development of anonyms collected analysis and business intelligence that will be enabling us for the operation, protecting and taking informed decisions and the reporting of the business performance.

Cookies: Advertising, communication, and marketing:

We use the information for delivering and personalizing the communication that we have with you. For example, we might be contacting you by email or other methods of electronic communication for providing you information regarding our services. We might invite you for taking part in a survey or send you notifications regarding promotion, events, business activities or changes in the services. If you are becoming our member, subscribing to or making a purchase of any of the services you will be also receiving the services related to communication as well. This will also include the system and service support, software support and security, communication and policy. We are also using cookies and technologies that are similar for providing you the most vital and relevant products and services to you.

When can we share or disclose your information:

We don’t sell the information about our clients and we can only share your information and data as given in this policy.


We do work with a number of third-party suppliers for performing services like online product purchase, website hosting and communication through emails. We share your data as required for completing any kind of transaction or providing a service or product that you have requested. The suppliers work on our behalf for the aim that as mentioned in this policy. We have strict contractual regulations on the suppliers for ensuring that the data is protected, secured and used as per this policy for making sure that we are taking all of the steps necessary for maintaining compliance with the regulations and rules.


We sometimes subcontract certain elements of the services to other parties. We will make sure that we have all of the relevant contracts arranged in place.

Legal bodies:

We are bound by legal or regulatory needs for cooperating with any of the legal agency and shall do in accordance with the law. This can include personal data disclosure and we own no legal liability in such disclosures. We might be forbidden from informing you that your data has been disclosed or is requested by a legal or regulatory body.

Contact us:

In case you have any queries related to the privacy policy mentioned above you can send us an email. If your data or personal information change get in touch with us or email at [email protected] for making the needed change.

Do read our Terms and Conditions as well:

The use of our services is subject to our terms and conditions and privacy policy. In the situation where there is a disagreement between the terms and condition and policy, the terms and conditions will triumph. In case you are having any complaints, questions about the services offered by Krushna Accounting please send us an email.